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I LOVE vintage jewelry.  Especially timepieces.  If money was no object, I would probably collect watches.  I thought for a minute (no pun intended!….OK, yes it was) that I was collecting them but thanks to minimizing, I both curbed the desire to accumulate more and purged some of the ones I had.  But not before this little beauty was added:

Absolute love.  I found it on Ebay last year.  Paid a fair price for a watch that was “keeping time”.  It wasn’t.  I was able to take it to a Time Wizard and he got it all back into precise movement.   Merci!  A beautiful, art deco, 14K gold, Gruen timepiece for well under $200 (including purchase price and getting it fixed).  An investment I will wear for a long time (yes, of course…pun intended).

Ebay and Etsy are great places to find the most amazing vintage watches.  Just be prepared that you may not get exactly what you pay for.  Thankfully, in this case, this one could be repaired.



23 thoughts on “vintage ~~ timeless little beauty

    • Thanks, Terri. Me too. I have two other vintage watches that need repaired but I may not keep them since I am trying to simplify. But my other ones are little beauties too…(sigh).


    • Since you are my resident Art Deco reader, would you say it has that influence? Or is it more Art Nouveau? The watch repair man liked it and wanted to buy it from me…not a chance.


      • Merci! for the link. Very helpful. I would love to buy the book about Gruen watches…dating them, telling their then and now value. I will have to put it on my wish list. From other similar watches I have seen described, 1920s is the decade I always see attributed to this style.


  1. I love it, it’s a really beautiful little piece. I think all the decoration on it is stunning, glad you got it working again! ( remember the other “stuff” you found on ebay when you were looking for bridesmaid dresses?!) Ha!


    • Oh my…yes the other “stuff” I didn’t buy is truly a horrific memory. I hate things that provide visuals that are hard to erase from the brain. Overall, Ebay has served me quite well. : )


  2. Oh, another story… I have to read up on Gruen. I love the stories behind the brands. So Heather, my thing, for a LONG time has been watches. I wear a watch first, before anything else. I am addicted to having time on my hands. 🙂 I have one vintage watch, an Omega, and it doesn’t run. I thought it ran when I purchased it from Ross-Simons many years ago, but it doesn’t. Now I want to get it fixed and wear it! Oh, let’s just continue to share our love of the old together, shall we? 🙂


    • Yes, get the Omega fixed–it will be worth it. When I found this watch, I was actually looking for a Gruen Curvex watch…those are popular vintage pieces so I could never get in on bidding in my safe buying zone (this is the zone where I can remain married to my husband despite buying something that I may, or may not, have need for). I love this one so the Curvex hunt has been abandoned.


    • Debbie, have you ever featured your watch on your blog? I would love to see it. They definitely don’t make them like they used to.


    • I was so happy the watch repairman could do it. When he first got it done, it was still running fast. But he tweaked it some more and not it is running perfectly.


    • Hmmm, I hadn’t thought about it but for it being a “dainty, very feminine” watch, you are right, it does have easy to read number on it. Hopefully I will still be wearing it 40 years from now.


  3. Such a beautiful watch. It is simple and ornate at the same time. I adore that it is not round too. Looking back at the last three watches I’ve owned, they have all had rectangle faces. Watches are the thinking girl’s jewellery.


    • A thinking girl’s jewelry…I like that! I love watches so much that I have even wanted to wear pocket watches–I think those are just gorgeous works of art. I have had an equal amount of faces shapes with my watches.


  4. Stunning …. watch, so glad you were able to repair it and use it. I bought a vintage LOUIS VUITTON watch on Ebay UK – a couple of years ago … for a really good price – should do a post about it. It’s really the only big brand watch I have. I love a Japanese watch made by Epson out of recycled fridges and freezers and it only cost $10.00 on ebay.”Sinobi” – one day they will be vintage too. I clicked on your link – very interesting reading – and I love that little watch too that was on picture. Stunning brand. It’s a beauty of a watch you got here.


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