chic ~~ visiting the beach with friends

Sunday was just as a Sunday in August should be.  The weather was gorgeous and we spent some quality time with old friends.  First, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch outside at the Grill House.  Followed by a trip into Saugatuck for some antiquing and a beach stroll.  I love Michigan in the Summer!

Bored men waiting for wives:



And we can’t leave without the traditional self-portrait.

Bonsoir, Wisconsin!


And chic.



23 thoughts on “chic ~~ visiting the beach with friends

    • Too funny, Lina. I had a friend who moved here from California, she and her husband lived in one of our Lake shore towns. She was told beforehand how big Lake Michigan was, how gorgeous, etc. but said she did not believe it because she grew up on the Pacific. She was very pleasantly surprised and loved the time they had in Michigan.


    • …as in Hawaii? You should pay the Great Lakes a visit. Sleeping Bear Dunes was voted one of the prettiest beaches in the world not too long ago. Oval Beach in Saugatuck too. : )


  1. Ok – now I found your comments section; it’s at the TOP of your entries. For a second there I thought I wasn’t going to be able to comment – and that would have driven me c-r-a-z-y!!!
    I like the new look and feel.


    • Me too and surprisingly, I haven’t done that yet this summer. Working is putting a cramp in my style that’s for sure. Thank you for stopping in.


  2. I love your new place, Heather! It has such a nice feel. I clicked on the name left in comments on my blog and it brought me here and I was so confused at first. I seriously thought you had a twin sister for a sec, but thought that was your husband. I finally figured out what was going on. haha


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